Just what kind of people attend Hackfit? The kind of people who believe that work and play are not mutually exclusive. A little over half of our Hackfitters don the title developer. The rest prefer titles such as designer, product manager, marketer, consultant, or fitness professional.

"It's clear that most of us were bonded by a similar purpose for a fitter world. Because of this connection, it was easy to approach people. At Hackfit, everyone was supportive of one another."

− Justin Yiu

"I truly mean it when I tell you that Hackfit did an exceptional job. You really got the Wow vote from me and I’m not easily wowed. I think your idea and your format is brilliant."

− Catharine Arnston

"What I can say is Hackfit is one of the most engaging conferences I have ever seen! (You can quote me on that)"

− Mike Stowe

"The atmosphere here is intense, you workout hard, and intellectually it’s also been challenging."

− Galia Traub

"A hearty congratulations. From conception to fruition a tremendous success. You are on to a very unique concept and are at the tip of the spear from a timing perspective."

− Jesse Levin

"I did Hackfit Boston in September and I think it's fair to say it has, to some extent, changed my life. I was walking and beginning to jog outside but then it started to get cold. I joined a gym! I love it!"

− Sneha Dasgupta

Hackfitters, similar to your typical hackathon go-ers, are looking to improve skills, create business connections, and even launch novel ideas. Yet, unlike typical hackathon go-ers, Hackfitters have that grit that stems from a belief that mountains are meant to be climbed, trails are meant to be run, and tough problems are meant to be solved.

Hackfitters are…

…Technical folks who represent all areas of development and design. From ruby to python, web to mobile, iOS to Android, back end to front end – they have the know how to build an app, site, or the occasional piece of hardware – in a weekend.

…Business folks with experience in marketing, business development, finance, or just good-old-fashioned entrepreneur-ing. They are visionaries that take a great product, and share it with the masses.

…Hungry for what comes next. They are looking to jumpstart their professional career, meet co-founders, refresh their skills, or network with awesome companies.

…Some of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. They are seasoned vets and students. Triathletes and beginner runners. Regardless of their experience and background, all Hackfitters have one thing in common: they are coming to Hackfit to realize a personal and professional lifestyle that inspires them everyday.

If that’s you, then you should be at Hackfit.

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