Spartan Hackathon Prelim

Aug 8 – 9, San Francisco
Location: San Francisco
Leading Up To: Reebok Spartan Race Stadium Sprint

Pitchfest, to prototyping, to presentation in 24 hours
for a 2015 partnership deal with Spartan Race

Spartan Hackathon Tour

Got the next big technology idea to improve the sport of Obstacle Course Racing for over 4MM racers?

Grand Prize: An exclusive Spartan partnership deal to launch your product at a 2015 Reebok Spartan Race event.


Pitch your latest and greatest idea to your fellow peers. Practice beforehand, you only have 60 seconds.


The audience votes on the top ~15 ideas, and the race is on. Teams of devs and designers hack away.


Teams prove how their idea will stand out. Not only technically, but also from a business perspective.






Sign up as a Developer, Designer, or biz dev hacker for our 24-hour hackathon which concludes with a Spartan Race where we will all band together to triumph over the course. We encourage all of the hackathon teams to partake in the Spartan Race after the conclusion of the hackathon, but it is in no way mandatory. Participants who choose not to run the Spartan Race are free to join as Spectators.

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Assemble your team prior to the hackathon. Time sizes must be between 2 – 4 members.

Hackathon Tour Locations & Schedule


The 2014 Spartan Hackathon Tour is a series of hackathon competitions that immerses the best engineers and entrepreneurs in the Spartan lifestyle as well as the sport of Obstacle Course Racing. Spartan Race and Hackfit have partnered to bring you a one-of-a-kind hacking experience with the ultimate prize of a partnership deal with Spartan Race to launch your application or device at a 2015 Reebok Spartan Race event. Each destination on the Spartan Hackathon Tour begins with a 24-hour hackathon and concludes with an adventurous Spartan Race where hacking teams will have the opportunity to band together and triumph over the course.


All participants should attempt to solidify their team prior to the event. Our FB Event Pages can be used to recruit team members. We recommend you arrive to our open prelim events with your business plan, logos, designs, wireframes, or customer validation data fleshed out completely, however, no pre-existing code may be written prior to the hackathon.


Our mission is to show you what you can do together, as a team. We encourage all of the hackathon teams to partake in the Spartan Race after the conclusion of the hackathon, but it is in no way mandatory. Participants who choose not to run the Spartan Race are free to join as Spectators.

Spartan Hack Challenges

Spartan has declared war on sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles worldwide. Reebok Spartan Race will challenge over 650,000 racers this year on five continents and we are searching for the best engineers and entrepreneurs to help advance global fitness involvement and improve the experience of Obstacle Course Racing.

1.) Mobile

Today over 32% of all mobile device owners use fitness apps. Develop an innovative mobile app that helps builds a more vibrant and engaged fitness community. High interest projects include:

  • Fitness discovery
  • Goal planning
  • Photo sharing
  • Video tagging
  • Social integration

2.) Event Experience

While races often reward individual accomplishment, it’s the focus on community that keeps people returning to Spartan Race and the world of Obstacle Course Racing. Develop an innovative timing, wearable, photo/video share, or digital display technology that makes events more engaging, fun, and social. High interest projects include:

  • Timing (RFID)
  • Video capture and tagging
  • Real-time sharing
  • Obstacle prototyping and construction
  • Drone technology

3.) Wildcard Category

Build anything you can dream up that inspires people to test their limits and change their lives through the sport of Obstacle Course Racing.

Prelim Competitions:

Launch your initial hack concept at one of our three open qualifying hackathons held in conjunction with Reebok Spartan Races in the following locations:

  • AT&T Park Sprint (San Francisco, CA)
  • Tri-State New Jersey Super (Vernon, NJ)
  • Citizen’s Bank Park Sprint (Philadelphia, PA)

Spartan Hackathon Championship:

The November 2014 Spartan Hack Championship will be hosted within historic Fenway Park in Boston, MA just prior to the Spartan Fenway Park Sprint.


1st Place Prelim Champions – In addition to receiving totally badass Spartan Gear, first place teams from each prelim competition will receive an expense paid trip to Boston to attend the November 2014 Spartan Hack Championship event.*

1st Place Overall Champion – The Spartan Hackathon Overall Champion will be offered an exclusive Spartan partnership deal to launch their product at a 2015 Reebok Spartan Race event.

*See Q&A section for details



3 PM Registration

Check-in and start mingling! This is a chance to get to know the people you may be working with. Exchange information, get to know what people do, and start strategizing.

3:30 PM Introductions and Hackathon Overview

We’ll kick off the event with a big welcome and go over what will take place over the next 24 hours.

4:30 PM Pitches

Participants who want to will come up one by one and pitch to the audience. Each participant is limited to 60 seconds, so if you want to pitch make sure you prepare in advance!

5:00 PM Voting

All the ideas that were pitched will be on display around the room. Participants will vote and the top ideas will advance into the team formation round.

5:30 PM Light Dinner

Join a team and start strategizing a game plan over dinner.

6 – 7:30 PM Hacking

Teams will work during the afternoon on their initial prototypes.

7:45 PM Head elsewhere to keep hacking

AT&T Park will be closing Friday night. We will walk to fitmob offices at 371 5th Street, San Francisco 94107 for the overnight portion of the hackathon.


7 AM AT&T Doors Open

Arrive back at AT&T Stadium.

8 AM Breakfast

We’ll fuel you up with a hearty breakfast.

12 PM Final Hacking & Lunch

Teams will begin finalizing their hacks over lunch.

2 PM Demos and Awards

Teams have 4 minutes to present their hack to the audience. Winners are awarded Spartan Gear and the 1st place team wins an expense paid trip to Boston for the Spartan Hack Championship.

3 PM Spartan Race

All hacking teams will come together to complete the Reebok Spartan Race. Those that choose not to race can participate as Spectators.

5 PM Wrap Up

We bring it back together for a final AROO!

What do I have to pay?

The hackathon is $10. Spartan Race has offered Hackfitters free Spartan Race tickets (all you pay is the cost of insurance and processing – so if you sign up for the hackathon + Spartan Race, your total cost will be ~$25).

Do I need a team to participate?

Yes. We require participants to form teams ranging from 2-4 team members prior to the hackathon. If you’re a free agent looking for a team, please use our facebook event page to coordinate with other participants.

Do I have to participate in the Spartan Race?

No. However we highly recommend it. We also understand you may be exhausted from the hackathon, so we ask that you be aware of your mental and physical state prior to participating in the Spartan Race.

Will sleeping arrangements be provided?

No. You are responsible for your accommodations. If you plan on staying on-site overnight, we recommend you bring a sleeping bag or an air mattress to grab a few hours of shuteye during the hackathon.

Will food be provided?

Yes. All meals will be catered and snacks, water, coffee, and tea will be available throughout.

Who owns the IP?

You do. Hackfit events support entrepreneurship and the spirit of collaboration, however you should understand that there are risks associated with publicly voicing, sharing, or creating IP at Hackfit events and you’ll be signing a waiver that you will not, on the date(s) of the Hackfit event, or anytime thereafter, steal or unlawfully disclose information that may be proprietary to others.

What kind of partnership will the overall winner be offered?

The partnership deal will depend on the product developed by the winning team and will be structured for the best benefit of Spartan Race and the winning team. The partnership contract will be presented to the winning team after the conclusion of the November Spartan Hackathon Championship event.

What travel/lodging expenses are covered for the prelim winners?

Spartan Race will cover up to $2,500 of travel expenses for each winning team to attend the Spartan Hackathon Championship event in Boston.

About Spartan Race

Spartan Race, the global leader in obstacle racing since 2005, was created by eight insane ultra athletes. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts we created Spartan Race obstacle course events to bring the Spartan ideal, and thrill of adventure racing, to millions of people — yourself included.

Spartan Race is for everyone and we are on a mission to rip one million people off the couch and into a healthy lifestyle. We aim to change people’s lives by cultivating an atmosphere of wellness and accomplishment at our events and in our online communities by asking racers to lay their guts on the line and push their limits. When was the last time you went through the mud instead of around it, were overcome with exhilaration at your own power, or felt giddy just by being alive?