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"It's clear that most of us were bonded by a similar purpose for a fitter world. Because of this connection, it was easy to approach people. At Hackfit, everyone was supportive of one another."

− Justin Yiu

"I truly mean it when I tell you that Hackfit did an exceptional job. You really got the Wow vote from me and I’m not easily wowed. I think your idea and your format is brilliant."

− Catharine Arnston

"What I can say is Hackfit is one of the most engaging conferences I have ever seen! (You can quote me on that)"

− Mike Stowe

"The atmosphere here is intense, you workout hard, and intellectually it’s also been challenging."

− Galia Traub

"A hearty congratulations. From conception to fruition a tremendous success. You are on to a very unique concept and are at the tip of the spear from a timing perspective."

− Jesse Levin

"I did Hackfit Boston in September and I think it's fair to say it has, to some extent, changed my life. I was walking and beginning to jog outside but then it started to get cold. I joined a gym! I love it!"

− Sneha Dasgupta

Team Building

1 or 2 Day Workshop

Learn strategies used by successful entrepreneurs and startups in an environment chock-full of raw energy, vibrancy, art, and music. Our startup oriented training pushes teams outside their comfort zone and effectively changes the way they think about work. But not in a stuffy conference room. Rather, we’ll be on top of a 120 foot long and 22 foot high climbing wall in the midst of the 40,000 square foot hybrid climbing facility. Or in the mountains of Vermont with 20 miles of surrounding hiking and biking trails. We intersperse work sessions with play, movement, and exercise to help unleash the best in you and your teams.

Enterprise Hackathon

2 or 3 Day Internal Hackathon

Empower your internal talent by seeking innovations from the bottom up and accelerating the ideation process at lightspeed. We are experts at planning and implementing hackathons of all shapes and sizes. But not the overnight, Redbull-vacuuming kind. In addition to inspiring new wave-lengths of thought and product development, our hackathons are structured to inspire true camaraderie within your teams – in the healthiest way possible. We intersperse hacking sessions with rock climbing, yoga, thai chi, and many other forms of exercise to keep your team firing on all cylinders, both mentally and physically.

Custom Programming

You Tell Us!

Interested in custom programming or workshops? No problem. We will create a customized program to fit your specific needs.



 San Francisco

Commonly Asked Questions

Do you only work with technology companies?

Not at all, we work with companies in industries ranging from financial services to biotechnology. Our event experiences are built on the principle that fitness, wellness, and entrepreneurial purpose are catalysts not just for innovation, but for a happier life. This applies to any company, within any industry.

What days of the week do you run programs?

Most of our clients prefer to host workshops and/or hackathons M-F between regular business hours. Whatever your schedule, we can structure our programming to fit your needs.

What group sizes do you accommodate for?

We generally work with groups ranging from 20-300. Groups of 300+ can be accommodated by special request.

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