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The Original Spartan, Hack-Twerking, and Sleeping with Friends – A Recap of Hackfit Boston Spring 2014

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It’s been 8 months since we held the first ever Hackfit event in our hometown of Boston/Cambridge Massachusetts. With the success of our Philadelphia and San Francisco events two and four weeks ago respectively, I was rearing and ready to crush Hackfit Boston to round out our 2014 Spring season of hackathon events. With over 125 participants registered from all over New England, I knew this was going to be just as big and totally badass as year 1. I wasn’t disappointed.

Hackfit unites physicality with ideation and hacking like nothing else that exists today. Everything we do is different – from our initial ice-breaker to our scoring criteria – we are uniting the technology community around an ideal and cultural mantra not ordinarily seen in startups and large companies alike – health. Read More