The Healthiest Consulting Company of All Time?

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What do you imagine when you think of a management consulting company? If you were to ask me this question a month ago, my response would have included a description of Marty Kahn from Showtime’s House of Lies, the notion of 90 hour work weeks with 90% travel, fancy suits, and big degrees from HBS and Wharton only trumped by bigger egos. Kiss any notion of a healthy work-life balance goodbye. Read More

“Hackfit changed the trajectory of my life.” An Interview With Liz Cohen

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hackfit namaste_miniOne week after the first-ever Hackfit event which was held late last September in Boston, Hackfit founder Justin Mendelson received an enthusiastic ‘thank you’ from one very energized participant. The note’s author, Boston-based graphic designer Liz Cohen, proudly declared “Hackfit changed the trajectory of my life!” Getting to the bottom of this statement, Justin and I recently sat down with Liz to get all the details of her transition from self-proclaimed “scared puppy” to empowered ass-kicker. Read More