"Hackfit was built
for the startup founder."

We are hell-bent on creating the ultimate event experience that blurs the lines between work, play, and activity for every startup founder and innovative thinker that strives to drive an impact upon the health and happiness of our world. We will have been successful when we have removed the word “sedentary” from our vocabulary.

But enough about us, let’s talk about you.

Ever run with an Olympic athlete at sunrise and build a fully functional app, all in the same weekend? If you’d like that answer to be “yes”, come to Hackfit – we make that kind of thing happen.

<Our Series/>

Our Startup Events are weekend long competitions lasting about 36 hours, where 200+ entrepreneurs create health, fitness, and sport technologies. Regardless if you’re a seasoned programmer, fitness buff, or marketing maven, we will test your physicality and mental grit. Hackfitters not only bond through dynamic exercise challenges, but create functional apps, websites, and hardware devices, in just one weekend. It’s the stuff of legends.

<The Mentality/>

If you are looking for teammates who will climb mountains with you (literally), this is where you will find them. Exercise not only builds comradery, but improves creativity, cognition, and productivity. In one weekend, you’ll sweat hard during our many exercise classes and challenges. We’ve had a running session taught by an Olympian. 200 person yoga classes. CrossFit. Climbing. Dance. Whatever fit you’re into, you’ll do it at Hackfit.

<The Rundown/>

Friday Night: Hackfit kicks off with an epic group workout followed by 60 second pitches, team formation, and brainstorming.

Saturday: Hacking begins! Hackfitters receive feedback from industry experts and focus on customer development, market validation, and rapid prototyping – all while scoring Activity Points during group exercise classes including yoga, rock climbing, CrossFit, running, martial arts, and Tai Chi.

Sunday: Recharge your mind and body with a massive group workout, demo your prototype and business model to potential investors, and walk away with thousands in cash and prizes.

<Swag Package/>

In addition to a one-of-a-kind event experience, Hackfitters receive the highest quality swag, food, classes and coaching valued at well over $500.

1. Four instructor-led exercise classes (yoga, rock climbing, CrossFit, Running, Martial Arts, and much more)
2. High quality tech shirts that put other event t-shirts to shame
3. Six nutritious and healthy meals (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner – Friday to Sunday)
4. Unlimited supply of superfoods to keep you going
5. Executive coaching and keynotes from the likes of Joe DeSena, Francis Pedraza, and Keith Worts.
6. $1,000 First Place Prize
7. $500 Second Place Prize
8. Epic gear and discounts from Hackfit sponsors

Hot Off The Press

Hackfit Taps Tech Community’s Interest in Fitness

“If the smell of sweat invades the room, it’s because a group of coders has just returned from a run, not because they haven’t showered since Thursday.”

Hacking meets Fitness: Hackfit coming to Philly this April

“Hackfit follows a traditional three-day hackathon format, but that’s where the similarities stop. Rather than Red Bull and pizza, the developers and designers here are treated to nutritious brain fuel, team building exercises and actual exercises – like morning yoga, martial arts, Tai Chi and rock climbing.”

Top 6 Events of 2013

“Participants don’t rely on endless cups of coffee, fast food, and complete isolation. Rather, they are continually rejuvenated with fitness classes, healthful food, adequate sleep, and camaraderie among participants.”

Hack, Sweat, and Launch a Business at Hackfit

“There were apps for people who don’t know where to start with their workouts, video games designed to monitor heart rate and the amount of energy spent during a workout, programs to aggregate YouTube workout videos, and even apps that would allow you to bet with your friends on your workouts and win money.”