A Recap of Spartan Hackathon Prelim at AT&T

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Have you ever built out a functional API over the course of 24 hours? If yes, you might simply be a skilled developer. But how many out there have built a fully functional API in 24 hours in addition to completing 180 burpees AND completing a 3+ mile Reebok Spartan Race Stadium Sprint? Not many. At the Spartan Hackathon Prelim in AT&T Park this past weekend, we had more than a few hackers who lived up to this challenge, including Alejandro Garcia Del Bosque, Alan Faz, Bernhard Janke, Brandon Matlock, Miguel Flores Silverio, Elias Ramirez, and Brian De Anda.

The Spartan Hackathon Tour originally started during a conversation between Joe DeSena (Founder of Spartan Race) and myself regarding what might happen if the worlds of entrepreneurship, tech, and the Spartan ideology were combined. We decided to seek out the ultimate hybrid athlete-hackers and immerse them in the Spartan lifestyle. San Francisco is a hotbed for some of the best software engineers in the world, so this was a clear destination for our first stop on the 2014 Spartan Hackathon Tour.

With a cap of 60 hacker spots, we sold out the event in a matter of weeks. Come Friday afternoon, while Spartan Race build staff was setting up equipment in the stadium for 6,000 racers who were to descend on the stadium the following day, we opened up our doors for the start of the hackathon.

Here’s what ensued over the next 24 hours:


IMG_1900 IMG_1893 IMG_1973 IMG_1981 IMG_1991

Here’s a recap of all the great projects developed over the 24 hours:

1st Place: Bibbr

Bibbr is where people go online to buy and sell competition race bibs when the event is “sold out”. Bibbr is a secondary market for race events and will work with race event directors to establish the marketplace that will kick-in once the event sells its allotment of tickets.



Runner Up: Spartanizer

Pushes Workout of the Day content in Pebble app, (timed), so when you get to the gym you don’t have to think, just get your Spartan on! http://www.spartanizer.com/


3rd Place: Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus is a mobile app to inspire athletes to become gods of ancient Greece where users acquire special abilities by completing active challenges.


Other teams

Aroo – Aroo! is a complete solution to bring fitness studios into the fitness tracking era. Aroo’s hardware and software solution converts any aftermark equipment into a digital machine, allowing members to automatically track their workouts. Aroo works as an open API, which allows any fitness app to access its data and improve their fitness tracking and goal achievement solutions.

Spottr – A mobile app for building a workout regimen by finding and creating workout groups around your local area. Imagine creating flash workout mobs. Users can then browse upcoming workout experiences by category and fitness level.

Agogee – Agoge (pronounced “Ah-go-ghee”) was the ancient Spartan training school where warriors prepared for battle. The Agoge online community is a place for Spartan racers to discuss and connect about obstacles, events, and any other topics. The voice of Spartans is amplified when they show strong training via Jawbone, promoting fitness socially.

Spartan Prep – After registering for a Spartan event, you will be given a workout regimen to fit your goals.

Turf – Get out and do circuits in your own neighborhood. Map your workout to your environment and then post it to the community. Protect your turf by challenging friends. Join Competitions to overtake people’s turf.

Dare – Dare friends for fitness challenges. After logging in with your Facebook. You can send “Dare”, which consist of a challenge and an reward to your friend.

Urban Spartan – Urban Spartan is an app that allows you to create “urban spartan races” that use parks/urban spaces/made obstacles to have mini spartan races. You can create a “race” and share it, or discover created races in your area, and compete with others times/results.

Congratulations again to all who participated! We had a fantastic weekend. See you at the next Spartan Race!

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