2014 April


Hackfit Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Hugs

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To be totally honest, we had no idea what to expect from Hackfit Philadelphia. Hackfit’s two prior events in Boston and San Francisco had each attracted upwards of 160 participants; yet, as we boarded our bus out of Boston just days before the looming event, we had just shy of 80 registrations. We wondered if this size group would be able to create the epic atmosphere of the previous Hackfit events. Well, if there’s anything to be said about the entrepreneurs, starter-uppers, hackers, coders, and fit geeks of Philadelphia it’s that they truly embody the age old adage: “it’s not the number of dogs in the fight, but how passionate and willing to hug strangers they are.” Read More

Hackfit San Francisco: Starting 2014 off with a Bang

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By the time Hackfit San Francisco rolled around, it had been nearly 6 months since Hackfit’s first event in Boston.  The time in between was spent choosing cities for the next events, building a community base to take the events across the country, planning and organizing the logistics of the first four events of 2014, and generally figuring out just how the hell Hackfit would pull off running 10 events in 2014. Read More