Hackfit Startup Events are three-day startup competitions for the most active entrepreneurs and engineers on the planet.

2,000+ CrossFitting Engineers, UX Yogis, and Marathon-Running Marketers

Hackfit is a fitness-infused startup competition for innovative thinkers passionate about healthy living. Following the traditional three-day hackathon formula, Hackfit ups the ante with camaraderie-building fitness challenges, rockstar mentorship, and superfoods – challenging teams to create the future of health, fitness, and sport technology.

Build friendships, Discover Opportunities, and Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

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Who Attends Hackfit?

Kuji Nakano
Electrical & Mechanical Engineer • Entrepreneur • Snowboarder • Hiker

“I was looking for a team that was building hardware because that’s where I can really shine. I’m like MacGyver when it comes to stuff like that.”

Liz Cohen
Designer • Marketer • Yogi

“I saw Hackfit as a first step down a better path. Everything about the weekend made me realize that I can be inspired by what I do everyday, and the people I met can help me get there.”

Bob Breznak
Full-Stack Ruby Developer • Climber • Adventurist

“A lot of the products at Hackfit were extremely functional compared to other hackathons I’ve been to where you end up seeing a lot of slide decks or applications that don’t really work. It seemed like most everything developed at Hackfit was a functional prototype.”

Should You Attend?

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